The Mini mummy was a female who was only 3.2 feet which is 97cm. The mummy dates back to the Roman Era. The mini mummy was discovered in a tomb that was 2000 years old in Bahariya Oasis which is around 225 miles of Cairo.


Mahmoud Afif who is an Archaeologist said that the mini mummy was covered in plaster that was molded and it showed the tunic, headscarf, shoes, bracelet and necklace that she was wearing. He mentioned how she was wearing a Roman robe. It was known that the site included around 14 tombs from the time where Rome had control over Egypt, from 30 BC to AD 395. Stuff like funerary masks, pottery and jewelry were also discovered, but the tombs covered in sand had been damaged by the seeping groundwater and the humidity.  


Scientists mentioned how they believe that the style of the burial indicates that the mini mummy belonged to Egypt’s long period Roman rule from 31 B.C, until the Arab invasion which occurred in the 7th century. Scientists mentioned how her identity of the mini-woman will never be known. Scientists thought that the mini-woman was a perhaps a child, but from the hard work of making the coffin as nice looking as possible it was unlikely that it was a child. They assumed that it was a woman who had a high power and influence. They announced that she was a dwarf, who had short stature and that her height did not stop her from earning a high position in society.   


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