Ming Dynasty Noblewoman
Human Mummy
File:Http:// article large/public/2014/03/01/mummy.jpg
Biographical Information
Name(s) Unknown
Age 20-25
Sex Female
Status Preserved
Height 4'9
Culture Xing Dynasty
Date(s) Estimated 1300-1350
Site Taizhou
Current Location
Location Eastern China
Catalog # Unknown


The corpse of the high-ranking woman believed to be from the Ming Dynasty - the ruling power in China between 1368 and 1644.

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The mummy was wearing traditional Ming dynasty costume, and also in the coffin were bones, ceramics, ancient writings and other relics. These findings raised the interest in learning the techniques to better understand the Ming dynasty's expertise in mummifying as well as their funeral rituals and customs. Usually silk and cotton are very hard to preserve and excavations found that this mummifying technology was used only at very high-profile funerals. Discovered two metres below the road surface, the woman's features - from her head to her shoes - have retained their original condition, and have hardly deteriorated. Chinese archaeologists were surprised by the remarkably good condition of the woman's skin, hair, eyelashes and face. It was as though she had only recently died.

Ming Dynasty mummy found in the wet Chinese woman wearing a jade intact skin( Mummy) Yutong WANG
Taizhou Chinese workers near the highway unexpectedly found a more than 600 -year history of China "wet mummy " , the mummified remains of centuries later the pair is still tightly wrapped in its yard, lying submerged coffin , eyebrows, hair, skin still intact . March 1 it was removed from the wooden coffin .

"Due to the burial ground anaerobic environment , the pair was able to so wet mummy preserved ." Archaeologist Victor Meyer explained. That is, the water here is abnormal oxygen, and therefore the breeding ground for bacteria capable of decomposing human body . And ancient Egyptian mummies is not the same , it may come from a Ming Dynasty ( 1368-1644 ) in the body is likely just an accident of preservation , the University of Pennsylvania Mayr think so. " I have not found any direct evidence that China has deliberately mummified the dead , the bodies of those who happened to meet the right environment is likely to survive intact ."

March 1 , China Taizhou Museum staff carefully lift the mummy from the wooden coffin , which is one of the three mummies in a road construction project in an unexpected discovery . This dress complete with a five -foot-long ( 1.5 m ) of the buried bodies of a large number of luxury goods , including a jade ring , a silver hairpin and more than 20 pieces of Ming Dynasty clothes. Because we did not find such a badge , like the phoenix or dragon , which is probably not the royal mummy . Historians Association for Asian Studies , University of British Columbia , Canada Timothy Brooke says . "Her hair is very simple , she can not see any difference with other ordinary people, she may be just the wealthy family man ."

March 3 , a worker is cleaning China Taizhou Museum wet mummy huge jade ring. In ancient China, jade and general longevity . But in this discovery , jade ring " may be just a symbol of wealth , regardless of any signs of a symbol of the afterlife ."

Workers March 3 this female mummy museum's hat away and found that it 's hair is not very bright, with a silver hairpin , which is a typical decorative Women in Ming Dynasty . Whether or Brooke Meyer University of Pennsylvania are not sure why this has wet mummy 's head looks like a purple dye , although Mayr speculated that it may be related to the water -related minerals . At present, women 's age at death is still unknown , but her face showed no wrinkle was very young when she died . "She is definitely adults , but not an old woman ."

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