Maunula mummy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Maunula Mummy

Mummy of Maunula

Age 55 at time of death
Sex Male
Status Single Man
Height N/A
Culture Finnish
Date(s) Born in Helsinki 1938

Died February 15, 1994

Site Apartment in Maunula, Helsinki
Current Location
Location Buried at the Honkanummi cemetery
Catalog #


He was born in 1938 in Helsinki, Finland. He had lived alone for most of his life however he was married for some time and had a couple girlfriends in which he lived with. With his former wife, he had 2 children. He never had a good relationship with his father and ended up losing his mother in the middle of the 1950's. He ended up dropping out of school.

However, he did commit several crimes which got him thrown into prison. After a hard sentence in prison, he had had enough and found a way to escape. But his troubles didn't end there; he found himself living alone in the apartment, which he would later die in. He relied heavily on support from the social bureau to pay his rent and other costs.

The maintenance staff found the man's mummified body when they had gone to install a smoke detector in his apartment. After they rang the doorbell but the man didn't answer, they used a master key to get in. Police used the mail that had been assembled on the floor to determine the date of his death and later confirmed that he died February 15, 1994.

He was buried at the Honkanummi cemetery six years after his death.


The reasons for his mummification include dry air and good air conditioning and he had been lying dead on his bed for six years.


The man didn't do very well in school, although he did well with subjects like wood work where hand skills were required, he struggled with subjects like math and language. After being forced to repeat the same class for years, he dropped out of school.


Additional InfoEdit

The death of the man brought up a lot of controversy and discussion. There was a discussion on whether or not old people could be helped to prevent this from happening and the bureau was called out for not checking on the mans living conditions and whether or not he was alive.

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