Man found 18 years later 'Mummified'
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) John Sabine
Age 62, in 1997, when he was seen alive
Sex Male
Status Deceased
Height Unknown
Culture Unknown
Date(s) 1997-2015
Site Communal Shed
Current Location
Location Trem-Y-Cwm in Beddau, PontyPridd
Catalog # Unknown


John Sabine was a 62-year old, when he was last seen alive, a retired-accountant. Sabine was found 'mummified' in a communal shed 18-years later, killed by her wife Leigh Ann Sabine.


John Sabine was concealed in communal shed wrapped with plastic more than 40 times. Dr. Richard Jones, a forsenic pathologist, said that the way the body had been wrapped resulted in a well-preserved body.

Additional InfoEdit

  • Later, the cause of death was found out that it was due to a blunt force trauma to the head.
  • Leigh Ann Sabine, used a stone frog which Mr/Mr.s Sabine used to keep beside their bed.
  • Leigh Ann Sabine, died at her age of 74 after suffering from cancer.
  • The body was found 25 days after her death.
  • Before she died, Leigh Sabine to her hairdresser, said, “People are going to talk about me after I have gone. I could be famous.” And when the hairdresser replied why, Sabine said, “Because of the body in the bag.”
  • Sabine also used to tell, Michelle James, a neighbour, that she owned a medical skeleton that she obtained while training to be a nurse. When James asked if she is real, she replied, "You never know."


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