Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Maiherpri
Age Early 20's (18th Dynasty)
Sex Male
Status Unknown
Height 5 feet, 4.75 inches
Culture Nubian
Date(s) Unwrapped: March 22nd, 1901
Site The Valley of Kings
Current Location
Location Unknown
Catalog # Unknown


Many details about Maiherpri remain unknown, for instance, his status, and family members. He died at a young age, approximately around his early twenties, the reason still remains unknown. Due to the location of his burial, as well as the treasures found within his tomb, Maiherpri is assumed to have been an important figure during the 18th dynasty.


Maiherpri was discovered inside two wooden coffins. There is evidence that theives had removed part of the linen bandages on his legs, however his cartonnage mask had been left untouched along with multiple pieces of jewlery. The mummy itself had been well-kept, except for the skin missing from the bottom of his feet.

Additional InfoEdit

Maiherpri's burial site was located next to a ruler, the father of Thutmore IV. Researchers believe that future discoveries, as well as DNA tests will assist in determining who Maiherpri really is.