Ling Huiping
Human Mummy
The Mummy of Ling Huiping
Biographical Information
Name(s) Ling Huiping
Age 40
Sex Female
Status Dukedom
Height 1.60 m
Culture Western Han Dynasty
Date(s) July 7, 2002
Site North of Yangtze River in China
Current Location
Location Lianyungang city Museum in China
Catalog #


LingHuiPing‘s family is wealthy, easy and comfortable, so they kept the fullness of skull shapes. LingHuiPing has a round face, arch eyebrows, double-fold eyelid, and cherry small mouth, so called a "rare beauty".


In the dead bodies discovered in the past dynasties and is due to the sealed coffin and buried in the depths of the earth, and soaking in the fluid of the coffin, body surface moisture, the skin has small particles, scattered, small nodules. While internal surface with a small amount of fatty acid salt particles.

For some of these is not a typical grave wax with partial decalcified or no obvious decalcified, some scholars have put forward the body discovered belong to special type. Reference for domestic research on body discovered, found that the "atypical" grave wax, or grave wax and tanned resin hybrid cannot clear classification of body discovered, such as the number. It is unearthed when soaking in the fluid of the coffin, its appearance is complete, and has clear internal organs, body plump, the elasticity of limb joints can move; also, distinct anatomical, muscle tissue, blood vessels, and nerve intact; Organization structure is relatively good, under microscopy in some organizations also can find the cellular structure; This kind of body discovered the surface of the skin may also have a small amount of fatty acid salt nodules, also more or less bone demineralization phenomenon, called "Wet Corpse".


Is unrotten "LingHuiPing's body" associated with coffin liquid in coffins? But the liquid is injected departures, or over time into groundwater? Not been determined. According to the first hospital, lianyungang city, with large fully automatic biochemical analyzer for coffins fluid samples analysis, found that the pH value of 7.55, a weak alkaline, coffin liquid also contain hemoglobin, and pH value of 5.18 in changsha mawangdui tomb coffin acidic fluid is different. "LingHuiPing" within suitable for bacteria survive, alkaline coffin liquid to keep from corruption, is a mystery.


Additional InfoEdit

From seeing the level of excavated cultural relics and remains, Ling HuiPing's status is not low, but her coffin chamber is very humble, the number excavated cultural relics in the tomb is relatively small, in the interview asked archaeological experts told reporters, "that the indications are that burial should be done in haste, the sense that gives a person is that they got a lot of work undone at that time". So, what was going on at the time, that let Ling HuiPing was buried in a hurry?

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