Le Du Tong
Human Mummy
File:Http:// 1.jpg
Biographical Information
Name(s) Le Du Tong
Age 51
Sex Male
Culture Buddhist
Date(s) 1680-1731
Current Location
Location Vietnam
Catalog #


King Le Du Tong was a Vietnamese King who assumed the throne in 1705. Le Du Tong was the 22nd King of the Le Dynasty which had been ruling over Vietnam since 1427. Farmers accidently came across the coffin of the buried King when they were digging in a farmers field in 1958 and experts were first able to exam the remains in 1964.


Little is known about the mummification of King Le Du Tong, however it is suspected that formaldehyde was used to preserve the body. The finding of King Le Du Tong's body was a very important find as it is one of the only cases in which a leader of the Le Dynasty could be excavated and examined.


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