Lady of Brefeillac Louise de Quengo
Human Mummy
(Image source: Rozenn Colleter/INRAP)
Biographical Information
Age 65
Sex Female
Status Aristocrat
Height 1.45m (5 ft)
Culture French
Date(s) 1590's-1565
Site Convent of the Jacobins
Current Location
Location Rennes, FR
Catalog #


Louise de Quengo, commonly know as Lady of Brefeillac hails from an aristocratic family from Brittany, a region in northwestern France. Her husband, Toussaint de Perrien, was a night of  Brefeillac. After her husband died, one year before her own death, Louise de Quengo became a nun in the convent of the Jacobins in Rennes, France. This is where she was later buried in a lead coffin alongside the embalmed heart of her late husband and where her body was found hundreds of years later. She was found buried in her nun habit including a cape, twill dress, linene shirt, stockings and cork-soled shoes. Her face was covered and she wore two bonnets and a cap held in place by a headband. The lead coffin symbolizes her high standing in society.


The mummification process for Louise de Quengo is considered to be natural. Her body was found to be in excellent condition considering how many centuries ago she died. This offers insight into the funeral practices of the elite upper class in 17th century France. She was found holding the embalmed heart of her late husband and a modern day CT scan showed that Louise de Quengo's heart was expertly removed from her body as well. There is no certainty as to where her heart resides or whether or not it is equally well preserved however, it is speculated to be with her late husband, Toussaint de Perrien. 



With the help of the University Hospital of Toulouse, the archaeologists determined through scans and X-rays that Louise de Quengo had lesions in her lungs which indicate she may have died from a lung infection (pneumonia, tuberculosis etc.). It was also found that she had kidney stones.

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