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Biographical Information Edit

  • Name = Lady Xin Zhui (aka Lady Dai)
  • Age = 2100 years old
  • Sex =Female
  • Status =Married to Li Cang
  • Height = unknown

Source Edit

  • Culture = Chinese
  • Date =passed away 163 BCE
  • Site =Mawangdui in Changsha

Current Location Edit

  • Location =Hunan, China
  • Catalog =unknown


Lady Xin Zhui was married to Li Cang and was the Marquise of Dai during the Han Dynasty (206 BCE - 220 AD). She was also known as Lady Dai and regardless the mummification process she still has her own soft skin, hair, eyelashes, and her arms and legs are bendable. Lady Dai is known to be one of the best mummy preserved and gained her fame 2,100 years later because she was mummified.

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When the archaeologists discovered her tomb in China they were surprised to see that everything was still remained after so many years. Lady Dai's mummy had organs (even a brain), hair, and soft skin. The elements that an alive human would have.



They discovered truly by examination that the embalmed body was in an same\ condition from a body that had quite recently passed away. Her body's autopsy was performed and was discovered that Lady Dai had clogged arteries that harmed the heart. Lady Dai was the oldest mummy ever discovered to have heart diseases. Also, based in the autopsy she had back pain, and was over weight. The most interesting fact about her is that she has Type A blood in her veins. After the autopsy scientist figured that she was 50 years old when she passed away.


Pathologists found that tomb was sealed airtight so no bacteria could enter and harm the mummy's body. This is one of the reason that the mummy's skin remained soft, had hair, and organs remained in the body.

Additional InfoEdit

The body was buried with 100 silk garments, 160 wood sculptures, makeup, and toiletries. The tomb contained charcoal and was locked up to form a seal with clay for it to be airtight.


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