Lady Takabuti
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Takabuti
Age 20-30
Sex Female
Status unknown
Height unknown
Culture Twenty-fifth dynasty of Egypt
Date(s) 660 BC
Site Cemetery West of Thebes
Current Location
Location Ulster Museum, Belfast
Catalog #


Lady Takabuti was a married woman of the age between 20-30 when she died. She lived near the end of the twenty-fifth dynasty of Egypt in the city of Thebes. Her father was Nespare, a priest of Amun and her mother was called Tasenirit. Lady Takabuti and her family were extremely wealthy, however little details about her public or private life are known.


Lady Takabuti's took place around 660 BC. She was buried with a little cape of faience beads, which was the fashion at that point in time. Little else is known about her mummification. However, as it was done at the time, she was unwrapped on January 27, 1935 in front of experts in the decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphs and Mesopotamian cuneiform writing and other medical experts. She was then re-wrapped, but this time her face, arm and foot were not covered.



The cause of death of Lady Takabuti is unknown.

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Her mummy was the first Egyptian mummy to be brought to Ireland, and she still remains the most popular to this day.

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