Lady Sattjeni
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Lady Sattjeni
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Status Noblewoman
Height Unknown
Culture Unknown
Date(s) Unknown
Site Unknown
Current Location
Location Southeast Egypt
Catalog #

Biography Edit

A 3,800-year-old mummy discovered in a necropolis.

"Archaeologists say Lady Sattjeni was a key figure in the Middle Kingdom.

She was the daughter of the nomarch of Elephantine, the most southerly city in ancient Egypt, known as Sarenput II.

Nomarchs were essentially provincial governors in ancient Egypt.

She was the mother of Heqaib II and Amaeny-Senb, who became two of the highest authorities of Elephantine under the reign of Amenemhat III in around 1800 BC.

Following the death of all the male members of her family, she became the sole holder of the dynastic rights in the government of Elephantine."


The body was found in extremely good condition wrapped in linen and deposited inside two wooden coffins.


"Dr Mahmoud Afify, head of the Ancient Egyptian Archaeology Sector at the Ministry of Antiquities, said: 'The discovery is of a historic importance because Sattjeni is one of the most important figures in the Middle Kingdom, being the mother of Heqaib III and Amaeny-Senb - two of the highest authorities of Elephantine under the reign of Amenemhat III, around 1800-1775 BC.'

The team has been working in Qubbet el-Hawa since 2008 and since then, has discovered several intact burials, including Lady Sattjeni’s son Heqaib III."

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