Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Xin Zhui
Age 50
Sex Female
Culture Chinese
Current Location
Location Mawangdui, Changsha, Hunan Province, China
Catalog #


Xin Zhui was a nobel know as Lady Dai died in 163 BC making her to be,

around 50 years of age. She was the wife of Li Cang, the Marquis of Dai. She lived a lavished lifestyles by enjoying her own musicians for entertainment, royal foods that was only eaten by the royal family and had her clothing made out of silk. she poo out fish


The body was found in 1971 by workers digging an air raid shelter for a hospital. They discovered the tomb of Xin Zhui, her husband tomb and what belives to be their sons tomb. In 1972, a huge excavation started has they found her body wrapperd in twenty layers olf clothing secured with silk ribbons. Xin Zhui body was so well perserved that her skin was mosit and soft as her joints were still able to move. Also, her organs and blood vessels were still intact that small amount of Type A was found to do an autopsy to learn more about her and her lifestyle.


Xin Zhui's body and tomb are considered one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the 20th century.


As she grew older, age caught up with her reuslting to an illness leading up to her death. She had several parasites inside her, coronary thrombosis, gallstones, and arteriosclerosis due to rapid weight gain. However, her overall death was due to an heartattack.

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