King Seti I
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) King Seti I
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Status Pharaoh of the New Kingdom 19th Dynasty of Egypt
Height Actual Height Unknown
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) Reigned 1290-1279 BC. Died 1279 BC
Site Tomb KV17
Current Location
Location East Valley of the Kings, Egypt
Catalog # -
Seti1 1


King Seti I was a Pharaoh of the New Kingdom 19th Dynasty and was the son of Ramesses I and Queen Sitre. King Seti I was the father of Ramesses II who can be seen as one of the most intriguing Egyptian kings next to the famous Tutankhamen. The name Seti originates from the root word ‘Set’, who was the Egyptian God of chaos, war and storms. Seti’s most famous work during his reign was reestablishing religious order in the kingdom after it was disrupted by Akhenaten’s religious reform.


The mummy which was partially unwrapped by Archaeologists, was in a fine state of preservation and was virtually undamaged by tomb raiders. The mummy shows impressive facial features as this is the part of the mummy that displays the best preservation. This mummy was preserved with a solid form of natron which allowed the mummy to dry out as the natron would dissolve most body fats. The body of the mummy was then padded and had any incisions sewn up. The body was then treated with resins, spices as well as natural oils to help maximize preservation.

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Multiple studies have been done on the level of the King Seti's preservation as it is seen to be one of the best specimens discovered in Egypt.


No known source of death and or disease is known as the organs and other biologically components of the mummy were removed.

Additional InfoEdit

- Seti’s tomb is one of the most glorified tombs in the Valley of Kings

- Was referred to as one of the great Egyptian warriors

- The tomb was discovered by Giovanni Belzoni

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