Biography Edit

The mummy of Katebet now is in the British Museum, London. Katebet mummy was found in Thebes, Egypt. She was an old woman who was a Chantress of Amun, the ‘King of the Gods’. The Katebet mummy was dated about 1.300 BC."


Mumification Edit

She was found in a Theban tomb, wearing a gilded face mask and hair plaits wrapped in linen and garlands. she had other decorations such as pure tin, copper foil, and gold leaf. She was found with a male mummy beside her. Her coffin appears to have originally been designed for a man, and then altered for her use. Some of the objects placed on the mummy were also prepared for a man, it is possible that some of the objects on her mummy originally came from Qena's which has not survived. She was elderly when she died, with only two remaining teeth, and her brain was not removed.

Dimentions Edit

  • Length: 165 centimetres (mummy)
  • Length: 28 centimetres (each plait of hair)
  • Height: 43 centimetres (max: hair piece)
  • Width: 30 centimetres (max: hair piece)
  • Depth: 2 centimetres (max: hair piece)
  • Weight: 762 grammes (hair piece)

Reference Edit

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