Homdidi Jolkellele
Homdidi, village hunter
Homdidi, village hunter
Biographical Information
Name(s) Homdidi
Age 31
Sex Male
Status Deceased
Height 6.3 ft
Culture Mayan
Date(s) 1992 - date uncovered
Current Location
Location South Brazil
Catalog #


Found in a tomb located in a jungle in South Brazil, Homdidi lived in an ancient Mayan village. Homdidi bones showed signs of a difficult life as they were not in the best condition. Homdidi died at an early age through multiple diseases.


Homdidi was buried in an underground tomb with numerous other village dwellers.

Additional InfoEdit

Homdidi's village was very isolated, deep in the jungle and signs are showing few changes from Mayan civilization unique to the village. Different daily tasks and tools used amount to majority of those changes as these people had to adjust to forest life.

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