Joyce - 38 year old found dead after 3 years
Human Mummy
File:Https:// YQjRwIBw&url= Vincent&psig=AOvVaw3AL7J812-R5C5xZymE1GMl&ust=1511136267701584
Biographical Information
Name(s) Joyce Carol Vincent
Age 38
Sex Female
Status Deceased
Height Unknown
Culture English
Date(s) died in 2003, but found January 25th, 2006
Site Unknown
Current Location
Location Wood Green, London, England
Catalog #


Joyce Carol Vincent was 38 years old when she died watching T.V in her flat in Wood Green, London. She was found 3 years later holding a purse with wrapped christmas presents all around her, T.V still on. How no one noticed her death for three years is uncanny. She had been to a domestic shelter which set her up in the flat, but a lot of drug users lived there and the building wasn't very clean so the smell from other people and overflowing dumpsters could be a reason no one could smell her decaying body.


She died of natural causes and being found years later. Her electric and heat never shut off so her body was kept at room temperature for three years but many cobswebs formed throughout the house. Although there are no pictures we have no proof of how she was found and how her body was exactly found. 


There have been no studies on Joyce


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