Josephine Pallone

Hoarder Mummy

Biographical Information
Name(s) Josephine Pallone
Age 98
Sex Female
Status Middle Class
Height unknown
Culture unknown
Date(s) 1912-2010
Current Location
Location Gilbert, Arizona
Catalog #


In 2014, after a court case settlement, a realtor opens enters a house of a hoarder that has not be occupied for many years. Inside said house, 98-year-old Josephine Pallone lay dead and mummified in her bedroom, surrounded by clutter and junk. In police reports, daughter, Jannet Pallone comments that her mother had been dead since September 2010. The daughter panicked and feared she would be blamed for the death of her mother, and just left her in the cluttered house to decompose.


The body and house have been untouched since then, for 4 years until found later.


Due to the daughters hoarding, the body was mummified over years and years. The humidity of the Arizona climate in combination with excessive hoarding allowed the body to be mummified.


The body was transported to Maricopa County Medical Examiner's Office for an autopsy.


Currently unknown, Police are investigating for foul play such as broken bones and trauma.

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