José Perez
Human Mummy
Local guides with the mummy of José Perez
Biographical Information
Name(s) José Perez
Age n/a
Sex Male
Status Deceased
Height n/a
Culture Venezuelan
Date(s) n/a
Site n/a
Current Location
Location Venezuela
Catalog #


Knoche is believed to have created an embalming fluid, for which the formula is yet to be found. [1] Using this fluid, he was able mummify corpses without the removal of organs. Knoche, originally from Germany, conducted most of his research in his laboratory based in La Guaira, Venezuela. [2] Not much detail in the form of documentation is found regarding Knoche's research into embalming and mummifying corpses, however it is believed that Jose Perez, was one of Knoche's first successful mummification. [3]

Limited information suggests Perez was a soldier from Venezuela. Knoche had actually "...originally set up as a 'guard' for his compound." [4]

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