Inca children
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Incan Children
Age Children

Ages 4, 13

Sex Male


Status Unknown
Height 6739 Metres
Culture Argentinian
Date(s) Unearthed In 1999
Site Llullaillaco Volcano
Current Location
Location Unknown
Catalog # Unknown

Biography Edit

In 1999, the Inca children were unearthed in Argentina. The Incan mummy consits of three children who were giving drugs for the use of human sacrifce 500 years ago. The oldest child, the maiden, is thought to be 13 years old. The younger children are seemingly betwen the ages of 4 and 5. The younger children have been named the Llullaillaco boy and lightening girl. 

Mummification Edit

The young children and the maiden were buried over 500 years ago on a 22, 000 foot mountain top. Due to the cold climate, upon excavation the mummies appered to be very well preserved. Internal organs, face, lungs and blood were present on the remains. 

Additional InfoEdit

The burial conditions of the children proivide insight into the specific elements of their death. The maiden is seated cross legged and appers to have been relaxed as she neared her death. The maiden also had a coca quid in her mouth at the time of her death, conveying she wa sedated. It is believed that the maiden was chosen specifally for the ritual as she was found adorned in elaborate clothing and well kept hair. 

The Llullaillaco boy appeared to have blood on his cloak, revealing that he may have been suffocated to death. The lightening girl did not recieve extensive treatment as the maiden has but was not as roughly handeled as the male. Although she lacked the elaborate attire, she still did not display signs of suffocation. 

The children, through hair analyses, are thought to have grown up on a lower class diet and as they neared their death they then began to indulge in more "elite" foods. 

Refrences Edit

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