Inca Ice Maiden (Juanita)
Human Mummy
Inca Ice Women
Inca Ice Women
Biographical Information
Name(s) Mummy Juanita
Age 12-15 years old
Sex Female
Status Incan
Height 1.4m
Culture Inca
Date(s) 1450 and 1480 A.D.
Site Mount Ampato, South Peru
Current Location
Location Catholic University's Museum of Andean Sanctuaries, Peru
Catalog #


Mummy Juanita, who was about 12 to 15 years old was sacrificed as an offering to the Inca gods. She was killed due to brain hemorrhage while sacrificing her by hitting her head with a massive baseball bat like object. Her body is covered with clothing and accessories as she was sacrificed. She was dressed in the 'finest garments' of that time along with a cap made from the feathers of the red Macaw and also wore a colorful woolen shawl.  Experts estimated this event to have happened between 1450 and 1480 A.D. She was found in 1995 in the mount Ampato, Andes Range, South Peru by anthropologist Johan Reinhard and his Peruvian climbing partner Miguel Zarate. Juanita is now housed in the Museum of the Universidad Catolica de Santa Maria of Arequipa, Peru. She is currently encased in a special glass box at a constantly cold temperature to continue preserving her body.


'Inca Ice Maiden' or 'Mummy Juanita' is the best mummy recovered in the history of Mankind. This body was not mummified by any human civilization like the mummification by the Egyptians. Instead, Mummy Juanita was naturally preserved in ice for over 500 years.

  • The body was so well preserved that the food which she ate before sacrifice was inside her stomach still under digestion process. 
  • The skin, hair, blood and even internal organs have been frozen due to the climatic conditions of the mountain. Thus, preserving with only 5 hours of decayed body. 
  • Unlike Egyptian mummies, whose internal organs are removed and preserved in separate jars besides them, mummy Juanita was naturally preserved rendering the flesh and tissues to be examined by Experts like no other mummy till date. 






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