Ice Maiden
Human Mummy
Mummy of the Ukok Princess
Biographical Information
Name(s) Ice Maiden
Age 2,400 years old
Sex Female
Height 167cm
Culture Pazyryk
Date(s) Discovered in 1995
Site Found at Utok (near Chinese border)
Current Location
Catalog #


The Ice Maiden was a adolescent girl who was sacrificed to the mountain gods.She was buried on the summit of Nevado Ampato with ritual objects. Her caskets was made out of a hollowed-out trunk of a Siberian larch tree with carved picture of deer and snow leopards. Six horses were also sacrificed and placed North of the casket. She was discovered by archaeologist Johan Reinhard in 1995.


The Ice Maiden's was wearing a wig with a headdress that was decorated with swans and gold-carved cats. There was coriander seeds in the basket that were probably used to disguise the smell of the body. After the burial, the grave was flooded by freezing rain, resulting in all the contents to remain frozen in permafrost.


The Ice Maiden's body is used to further understand the Pazyrk burials.


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