Ian Rowand
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Ian Rowand
Age 67 years old at time of death
Sex Male
Status Deceased
Height Unknown
Culture Irish
Current Location
Location Ballsbridge, Dublin
Catalog #


Ian Rowand, a retired engineer, is a father of one, and separated from his wife, Mary Rowand in 2004.


Report's say that Ian was found in a crouched position while dressed in pajamas, his body was found in the basement, making the mummification process possible. Evidence within Mr. Rowand's residence suggests that he had been deceased for nearly 2 years in his basement before being discovered, thus giving much time for the body to go through a mummification process

Studies & PathologyEdit

Ian Rowand's mummified remain was found in the bedroom of his house, located in the basement, and passed away at the age of 67. Although Pathologist Dr. Linda Mulligan performed an autopsy, the cause of his death could not be determined because the body was incredibly decomposed when looked at by experts.

Additional InfoEdit

  • Ian Rowand had unpaid bills to his former spouse, which ultimately lead to his discovery.
  • A group of friends in the Dublin Trout Association have not seen Ian for a full year following his death.

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