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Collection:                       Egyptian, Classical, Ancient Near Eastern Art

Title:                                 Human Skull Covered with Cap

Classification:                 Human Remains or Animal Remains

Culture:                            Coptic

Date Label:                      263-600 C.E.

Period:                             Coptic Period

place made:                    Egypt, Africa

Medium:                           Human remains, wool

Description:                     Skull, missing lower jaw and many teeth, of a woman (?) wearing 4 items 1) a cap of openwork linen thread 2) a roll of red and green wool 3) a red cord (modern?) 4) a striped red, blue, green, and white netting cap.

Dimensions:                    Measurements from conservation report: 6 x 7 in. (15.2 x 17.8 cm)

Bibliography:                   Published in "Frühbyzantinische textile Kopfbedeckungen" by Petra Linscheid. Referred to in book as Kat.-Nr. 523. Referenced from pages 103-127. Photo on page Tafel XLIII.


                                      Also published in "Frühbyzantinische textile Kopfbedeckungen" by Petra Linscheid. Referred to in book as Kat.-Nr. 398. Referenced from pages 17-85. No Photo.

Credit Line:                      Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund

Current Location:            37.1977E - Brooklyn Museum

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