Human Mummy of Eva Peron
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Eva Peron
Age Lived (7th May 1919 - 26 July 1952)
Sex female
Status Spiritual Leader of the Nation of Argentina
Height 165cm
Culture Argentina
Current Location
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Eva Peron served as First Lady of Argentina to former president Juan Peron from 1946 til her death. She grew up in a rural town then moved to the city to land a modelling drop. After meeting and marrying Juan Peron, her future plans altered as she became more powerful. She began controlling the Ministries Labor and Health and also began advocating for women in Argentina, which is how she created nation's first political party with a large scale of females, The Females Peronist Party. She ran to be VP of this party, however due to medical conditions, she was deemed unfit. After her passing, Peron was given the title of the 'Spiritual Leader of the Nation' and a state funeral.


When Peron died, her body was to be kept beneath a monument being built and open for view to the public. However, her body was not kept secure and went missing. Sixteen years later, it was found buried in a crypt in Milan, Italy, a bit disfigured. Upon finding it, her body was returned to her husband then to Argentina after his death, where it was made secure by the Argentine government.



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