Ramesses II
Biographical Information
Name(s) Ramesses II
Age 90
Sex Male
Status Unknown
Height 5.7 Ft (1.7 metres)
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 1881
Site Unknown
Current Location
Location Cairo Museum
Catalog # Unknown


Ramesses II also known as, "Ramesses the Great" was born in 1303 BC, and died July/August 1213 BC. Ramesses reigned 1279 - 1213 BC. He was the third pharaoh of the 19th dynasty of Egypt and also one of the most powerful pharaoh of the Egyptian Empire.


The mummification process first started off by removing the brain with a long hook through the nasal cavity. After that they filled the nasal cavity with peppercorn, seeds, and even small animal bones to retain the unique structure of his nose. This process of mummification is unusual because of the kind of treatment on the nasal cavity which is why his mummified body is so detailed around the face. The rest of the body was wrapped individually to show details.


At age 90, Ramesses II suffered severe dental problems and said to have been plagued by arthritis and hardening of the arteries which could have been the source of his death. Upon thorough inspection of the mummy many battle wounds. poor circulation, old fractures and arthritis. A hole in the mummy's mandible was also found that showed signs of a serious infection that could have caused his death.

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