Human Egyptian Mummy, Borremose Man
Human Mummy
File-Borremose Man
Biographical Information
Name(s) Borremose Man
Age 20 - 30
Sex Male
Status Commoner
Height 1.55 m
Culture Borremose
Date(s) discovered 1946, buried 700 BCE
Site None
Current Location
Location Southern Borremose
Catalog #

Biography Edit

He is thought to be a commonperson, so not much is known about him. He was 5 foot 1 and a murder victim.


From 700 BCE, he was found beneath a layer of birch sticks, otherwise he was completely naked. 



The Borremose Man was brutally murdered. He suffered a blow to the skull, also, there was a significant amount of string found wrapped around his neck. 

Additional InfoEdit

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