Elmer McCurdy 


Elmer McCurdy lived from january 1880- october 7th 1911 he was a gun fighter and died from a gun shot in oklahoma. this man was a bandet and would nto go down without a fight. Elmer McCurdys last words were, "You'll never take me alive!" the body was taken to Oklahome to a funeral home. noby claimed the corpse so the undertaker put preservatives on the body so people in the future could see a man you never gave up.


the man in chage of the funeral home put Arsenic based preservative on the body to keep it from decomposing.


the body later ended up in a fun house at Long beach Pike in an amusement park located in califonia. in 1976 a person was moving what was thought to be a wax figure then broke the arm off and then rediscovered that is was Elmer McCurdy.

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