Welcome! Here is a quick How-To on adding a human mummy to the Mummipedia. The bolded text up here is all instructions. The plain text below is the source code template for formatting the information. If you see a mummy that doesn’t follow the proper format, feel free to update it with this format.

Step 1: Login, please.

Step 2: Click on the “Contribute” button in the upper right of the page and select “Add a page”

Step 3: Name the page after the mummy if you know the mummy’s name, just use a generic name

            (e.g. “Human Egyptian Mummy, Upper Splevovian Museum”)

Step 4: Click on the symbol with three stacked horizontal bars, and select the menu option for the "Source


Step 5: Copy and Paste the template code below

Step 6: Fill out sections in either the Source view or in the Visual view, whichever you are more comfortable with

Step 7: When you are done click on the “Publish” button and inspect your contribution!

If you’re not sure what sort of information should go in each section, have a look at some other mummies, like Lady Hudson.


{{Template:Infobox humanmummy

|image = .jpg

|name =

|age =

|sex =

|status =

|height =

|culture =

|dates =

|site =

|location =

|catalogue = }}

<span style="color:rgb(0,0,0);font-family:sans-serif;lineheight:

19.1875px;"> </span>





==Additional Info==

==External Links==


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