Hilda Marcel
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Hilda Marcel
Age 68
Sex Female
Height unknown
Culture Scottish
Date(s) Died February 10, 1987
Site Edinburgh City Mortuary
Current Location
Location Edinburgh
Catalog #


Hilda Marcel died of lung failure on February 10th 1987, seven years before the passing of her husband Eugenios due to prostate cancer in 1994. Ms. Marcel, alongside her husband, was stored in a basement shop in Edinburgh in 2002. Reports indicate that they were kept their by their son who visited them regularly. The bodies were then relocated to Edinburgh City Motuary the same year.


There was legal conflict concerning the bodies due to the legal custody Hilda's sons hold on them. Since no plans to were made to bury the bodies by her sons, Edinburgh City Council requested permission to properly dispose of the body. There are now steps being implemented by the city to properly dispose of the bodies. Hilda and her husband were kept in the Edinburgh Mortuary for 10 years by staff who were paid to preserve their bodies by embalming them.



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