Hazel the Mummy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Hazel Farris
Age 26
Sex Female
Status Cremated
Culture American
Date(s) 1880-1906
Current Location
Catalog #


Hazel Farris lived in Louisville, Kentucky with her husband. After an argument over a hat led to Hazel shooting her husband, the neighbours overhearing gunplay called the police, where Hazel then dispatched three responding officers. With a 500$ reward for her capture, Hazel fled to bessemer to begin a new life. She took up with a man who in the end ended up selling her our for the reward. Hazel committed suicide by drinking gasoline and arsenic before the police could arrive.


Her Corpse was taken to Adams Vermillion Furniture which also sold caskets and was a funeral parlour. No one claimed her, and her body wasn't decomposing, supposedly an effect of the poison. Her body was then featured in traveling shows, and eventually went up for display.



Hazel Farris committed suicide to prevent being arrested. She drank gasoline and arsenic, which apparently led to the preservation of her body.

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