Hazel Farris
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Hazel Farris
Age 26
Sex female
Current Location
Location America
Catalog #

Biography Edit

☀Hazel Farris was born in 1880 and later died in 1906. Cause of death was suicide by chemical ingestion. Also known as Hazel the mummy, her place of origin was the United States where she was said to live with her husband in Louisville, Kentucky. After a dispute with her husband, Hazel shot her husband, as well as reportedly shot and killed a number of police officers, although there is no record of any police officers dying on the day of the incident (August 6th, 1905). Hazel fled to Bessemer where she began her new life with her new husband (who may or may not of been a cop) who eventually sold her out for the reward money. Before they showed up to capture her however, she drank gasoline and arsenic killing her. Her body was never claimed.

Mummification Edit

The arsenic and gasoline she ingested caused a chemical reaction in her body. This caused her body to mummify and not decompose.


It was not until later that people realized the arsenic and gasoline only caused her body to not decompose, not kill her. When in a shoot off with the police officers the day she killed her first husband, Hazels finger was shot off and it was later revealed that she died from pneumonia.




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