Hami Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Hami Mummy
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Status Unknown
Height Unknown
Culture Indo-European
Date(s) 1400 - 800 BCE
Site Yanbulaq
Current Location
Location Taklamakan Desert
Catalog # Unknown


Hami Mummy is one of the female mummies of the Tarim Mummies found at a cemetery at Yanbulaq. In addition tot he Hami mummy, the cemetery contain around 29 mummies mainly of East Asian descent. The Hami Mummy is also known a the "red-headed beauty" as was thought to be from around 1400 - 800 BCE.


The mummies found in Taklamakan desert were well preserved because of dryness of desert. The arid conditions allowed for preservation of tattoos on several mummies.



Additional InfoEdit

Other famous mummies found at the cite include Charchan man, his son, 1 year old baby and mummies known as the Witches of Subeshi.

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