Guimaral (A31655)
Human Mummy
Peruvian mummified male, c.1200-1400 Wellcome L0035650
Biographical Information
Name(s) Guimaral (A31655)
Age 17 to 25
Sex Male
Status High Status
Height Unknown
Culture South American
Date(s) 1000 to 1470 CE
Site Bucasius mountain 3000 m above sea level
Current Location
Location Bucasius mountain
Catalog #


Guimaral was the first son of Mara, Chief of Maracaibo, having gained permission from his father to explore the surrounding coutnries he met the daughter of the Chief of Cucutas. Texts reveal both of them were discovered by Telmo Rodriguez in 1910 from a cane on the Bucasius mountain 3000 metres aboce sea level. Guimaral had holes in his ear for earing and beaded decorations were present on his wrists and ankles.


They were buried in the high altitude giving them a very good state of preservation. The dry altitude stopped any means of decaying and as a result; the brain, lungs diaphragm are still visible in the young male.



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