Ginger (Gebelein Predynastic Mummies)
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Ginger (Gebelein predynastic mummy)
Age Adult
Sex Male
Status Unknown
Height 1.63 metres (5.3 feet)
Culture Unknown
Date(s) 3400BC
Site Gebelein
Current Location
Location British Museum, London
Catalog # Unknown


In 1896, the first Gebelein predynastic mummy named Ginger was found. His body is one of the most well preserved mummies on Earth. The red hair on his head that can still be seen gave him the nickname Ginger. Studies show that he was around 18-21 when he passed away. 


During the predynastic period, dead bodies were often buried in warm sand. The bodies were usually buried naked or loosely wrapped in order for the body to dry out quicker to prevent it from rotting. 


Ginger’s body was buried around 3500 BC which was over 5400 years ago. The sand graves were located near Gebelein, Egypt. When Ginger was discovered, technology was not very advanced so not many observations were made, and the reason for his death was unclear. Later, with the development of X-ray allowed researchers to make further analysis. 


Ginger’s body was removed from the British museum and scanned for further analysis. The digital images showed that he was murdered and stabbed by a blade on his rib. The blade wound is said to be over 5 inches long in his back. 

Additional InfoEdit

Ginger’s body was placed for display at the British Museum in 1901. 

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