Biographical Information
Name(s) Ginger, Gebelein Predynastic mummy
Age 18-20
Sex Male
Status Mummifed
Height 163cm
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 3400 BC
Site Gebelein, Egypt
Current Location
Location British Museum
Catalog # EA32751


Ginger was a man from the Gebelein area. He lived during the late predynastic period during the Naqada II period. Carbon dating tell us Ginger likely lived during 3400 BC. He stood 163 cm tall, and was 18-20 years old. He was well muscled.

His body was discovered in 1900, it was in fair condition. He was uncovered in the By Nile and Tigris II area. Ginger is on display in the British Museum.


'Ginger' is a naturally preserved body of an adult male. He had well preserved ginger hair, toe and finger nails. It is uncertain whether the mummification was intentional or not, it may have been due to a shoallow grave in contact with the hot dry sand. He was buried with some pottery vessels making the mummification likely a result of the burial technique.  


The British Museum has done many 3-D xrays on Ginger to study his life and mummification.


Ginger had many fractured ribs, and several missing fingers and toes. Ginger had also fractured numerous bones in his legs and pelvis.

After 3-D scans of his mummified body were produced,it was concluded that Ginger was murdered by a stab wound to the back.

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