Gilded Lady        


Photo by John Weinstein

Biographical Information
Name(s) "Gilded Lady"
Age 40 years old at time of death
Sex Female
Status Deceased
Height Unknown
Culture Ancient Egyptian
Date(s) Roman Era
Site Unknown
Current Location
Location The Field Museum, Chicago. Illinois
Catalog # Unknown


Since 1983, this mummy has been kept in the storage vaults of The Field Museum. This nickname originated from the creation of her headdress. This mummy's headdress is covered in gilding, hence the term "Gilded Lady." Underneath, the headdress consists of cartonage, which are glued layers of papyrus or linen. 

Additional InfoEdit

CT scans were done on this mummy in order to gain information. One of the key pieces of information revealed by the CT scan was her age, found to be 40 years old at the time of her death and mummification. Asides from her age, CT scans revealed a slight overbite inside her mouth. Additionally, this mummy dates back to the Roman Era. Commonly worn by many women of this era, CT scans unveiled curly hair similar to Cleopatra's. 


The Gilded Lady mummy being photographed by a passerby at Natural History Museum, Thursday, Sept. 10, 2015, in Los Angeles. Read more at:

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