George Mallory was born on June 18, 1886 in Mobberley, United Kingdom. He died on june 8 1924. George Mallory and his friend attempted to do something extremly shocking and seen as impossible. They both wanted to be the first humans to climb the tallest mountain on earth. The went off to climb mount everest together with gears and bottled oxygen. Their last sighting was confirmed to be 800 feet from the top and they were not seen alive again. The two climbers became a mystery where they ended up on every headline in the world, the only thing that was left over was an oxygen bottle and an ice axe which belonged to Irvin who is George's friend.


The body of George Mallory was preserved perfectly. His hair and skin was bleached by the UV rays harshly. George's clothing was the only thing that was in a bad shape, it was all ripped up into pieces of shreds by the wind. It was reported that George's face was undamaged and was frozen. His body became mummified.


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