George Mallory

Human Mummy

Biographical Information
Name(s) George Mallory
Age 37
Sex Male
Status Mountain Climber
Height 6 ft
Date(s) Birth: 1886

Death: 1924

Current Location
Location Mount Everest, Nepal
Catalog #


George Herbert Leigh Mallory was an English mountaineer born in England on June 18, 1886. During Mallory’s 3rd expedition to the top of Mount Everest in 1924 he, along with his climbing partner, Andrew Irvine went missing and never returned. The remains of Mallory were discovered in 1999 at 8,230 meters in the Death Zone and 150 meters short of the summit.


Mallory was found to be mummified by the consistent subzero temperatures on Mount Everest and his body was fused to the mountain itself.


Additional InfoEdit

He was identified by a tag inside his clothing with the name “G. Mallory” sewn onto it. It is possible that the body, although believed to be Mallory’s, is actually that of Andrew Irvine who perhaps borrowed his climbing partner’s shirt on the day of his fatal climb. However, experts are nearly certain the body does belong to George Mallory.


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