Gebelien Man, British Museum
Human Mummy
Gebelien-man 624x624
Biographical Information
Name(s) Gebelien Man B
Age 20-35 years
Sex male
Status Unknown
Height 160 cm
Culture Unknown
Date(s) Middle Predynastic Period (3500BC)
Site Gebelien
Current Location
Location Egypt
Catalog # Unknown


This Man was part of a group of naturally preserved mummies all discovered in Gebelien, Egypt (each in their own separate graves). He was discovered in the 1890's, when the curator of the British Museum traveled to Egypt in search of mummies that were naturally preserved in the sand.


He is both well preserved on the inside as well as the outside of this body. It has been observed that his internal organs( brain, kidneys, heart, and lungs) are all very well preserved.

He was not deliberately embalmed. Rather he was buried in a shallow desert grave under the hot sun; thus most moister from the body was rapidly lost which prevented bacteria from decomposing the body.



There have been no Pathological Conditions detected.

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