Gallagh Man
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Gallagh Man
Sex male
Date(s) 470-120 BCE
Current Location
Location National Museum of Ireland
Catalog #


The Gallagh Man was discovered in 1821 in Ireland. He was discovered in a bog, covered in what was perceived to be a cape made of skin. Underneath the cape he either wore linen clothing that had been decomposed over time or was naked. He was discovered with wooden stakes anchored on each side of the body, and willow rods clasped around his neck.

Mummification Edit

The Gallagh man was mummified in a bog. The acidic properties and oxygen-free environment of the bog do not allow bacteria and fungi to decompose the body, allowing it to be preserved. Sphagnum moss, often found in bogs, acts as an anti-biotic, possibly contributing to the mummification of the Gallagh man.



The Gallagh man was thought to have been strangled to death, either using the cape he was clothed in at the time of his burial, or the reeds around his neck.

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