French Colonel Enea DiGiuliano, The Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) French Colonel Enea DiGiuliano
Age N/A
Sex Male
Status Dead
Height N/A
Culture Christian
Date(s) 1800's
Current Location
Location The Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo
Catalog # N/A


☀The Colonel, in a French Bourbon uniform, is an outstanding relic from the past. His uniform floods the imagination of what an officer’s life might have been like in the 1800’s. What code of conduct did he adhere to? Was he a formally educated noble or did he earn his rank through hard work and battle? I can easily imagine this proud man standing at attention, or demanding attention from subordinates. His hat atop his head, cradled in his arms, or sitting proudly in front of him at his desk. Edit




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