Eva Perón
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Eva Perón
Age 33
Sex Female
Status deceased
Height 1.65 m
Date(s) Born 7 May 1919

Died 26 July 1952

Current Location
Catalog #


Ava Perón was born in a rural village of Los todos located in the Pampas. She was the youngest of five children. At the age of 15, she moved to the capital of Buenos Aires with the desire to pursue a career as a film actress. There she met Colonel Juan on 1944 during a charity event. They both got married the following year. Juan was elected President of Argentina in 1946. Eva was known to become very powerful as a result of speaking on behalf of labour rights within the trade unions. She founded and ran the nations first large scale female political party. In 1951 she announced her candidacy for Vice President of Argentina. However, due to the military opposition and her health, she was forced to withdraw her candidacy. In 1952, she passed away with the given title of "Spiritual Leader of the Nation"


Eva Perón was one of the most beloved women in Argentina when she died due to Cancer. Since she was also the wife of the Argentinean President Juan Perón, the decision was made to embalm her body. This procedure was done by a famous professor known as Dr. Pedro Ana.



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