Eva "Evita" Peron
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Eva "Evita" Peron
Age 33
Sex Female
Status First Lady of President Juan Peron
Height 1.65m
Culture Argentinean
Date(s) 1919-1952
Current Location
Location Argentina
Catalog #


Eva Peron was the wife of the Argentinian President Juan Peron. She was Born in Argentina in 1919 and died in 1952 of cervical cancer. The decision to embalm her body was due to the fact she was the presidents wife but also she was one of the most beloved women in all of Argentina. Her body was actually stolen by the new government and hidden in Italy. The caretaker in change of Eva Peron's life like body was so obsessed with her that they began to have sexual fantasies of her and was eventually driven mad. The body was then returned to Argentina in 1974 where Eva Peron had a proper burial.


Eva Peron was embalmed by the renowned Dr. Pedro Ana; who's technique was so good it was referred to as "The Art of Death." The embalming procedure was done by replacing her blood and water in her body with glycerine. The glycerine would preserve all of her organs and this process took over a year to complete.



Nothing to mention, when her body was found in Italy, her husband took her back to Spain where it was in his care until he died. Eva Peron's body was given a proper burial in 1974.

Additional InfoEdit

In 1971 Eva's body was found in Italy under a sudo name Maria Maggi. This could have been to protect her body during the time the new government exiled the family name from Argentina. Her husband had her body shipped over to Spain where Juan and his new wife kept the body in their dining room.

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