Elmer Mccurdy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Elmer Mccurdy
Age 31 when he died, 104 to this day
Sex Male
Status Bank and Train Robber
Height 5 feet, 8 inches
Culture American
Date(s) Born January 1 1880, died October 7th, 1911
Site First on display at an Oklahoma funeral home, then became apart of a carnival
Current Location
Location Oklahoma
Catalog # N/A


A somewhat modern day mummy, Elmer Mccurdy was known as the "Bandit who wouldn't give up", a bank and train robber. So following his death which was suspected to have been from a gun shot wound to the chest, his remains were mummified by a funeral home and kept in the back until someone paid for his remains. Becoming somewhat of a spectacle, Mccurdy's remains were displayed at a carnival for many years until he was re-discovered and eventually laid to rest in his mummified form as a way to no longer disturb his remains.


The funeral home director is said to have used an "arsenic- based preservative" which was supposed to preserve bodies for a long period of time in that time era.


Upon his final discovery in the storage of the carnival funhouse, Elmer's body was brought back to a coroner's office in Oklahoma for further examination since none of the discoverers had any indication who this might be or why this might have happened.


Deemed to have died of a gun shot wound to the chest, it is clear to grasp the lifestyle of this man as a robber. Not as well preserved as some would have liked, it is said that his body became gruesome to look at since the preservatives used were not meant to last forever.

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A very interesting case of a modern day mummy, with no religious or cultural reason for mummification, it is interesting to ponder what the motivation was for the funeral home director to partake in this. Having had a rough post-mortem run he has now been laid to his final rest in a cemetery in Oklahoma. His body still in a mummified state, he still embodies and represents the western belief of burial.

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