Elling Woman Mummy
Human Mummy
File:Elling Woman.jpg
Biographical Information
Name(s) Elling Woman
Age 25
Sex Female
Status Human sacrifice
Height Unknown
Culture Nordic
Date(s) 375 - 175 BCE
Site Unknown
Current Location
Location Silkeborg, Denmark
Catalog # none

The Elling Woman mummy was discovered in 1938 in Silkeborg, Denmark. At first the people who found her thought that it was an ox who had drowned. They noticed a belt made of woven wool around her waist and realized that this was a human body.


The body was wrapped up in a sheepskin cape as well as another oxhide cape.


The face was not preserved based on the way the body was buried. This area was exposed. The body also had no organs remaining that could be studied. The body was discovered in a bog. It is believed that she was hanged around 280 BCE.


The body was firs sent to the National Museum to be examined in 1938.


Additional InfoEdit

1938 - body found

1978 - reexamined and the gender was discovered. Her hair was determined to be tied in a braid.

She is believed to be a human sacrifice.

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