Elling Woman, Denmark
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) The Elling Woman
Age 25 (approximately)
Sex female
Status ritual sacrifice
Height unknown
Culture ancient northwestern Europe
Date(s) 375 - 175 BCE
Site unknown
Current Location
Location Silkeborg, Denmark
Catalog # none


The Elling Woman is a bog body, or naturally mummified body, discovered by a local farmer named Jens Zakariasson in 1938 in Silkeborg, Denmark. She was mistakenly recognized as a male at discovery until X-rays of her pelvis confirmed her sex to be female. Died from hanging, she is a classic example of ritual sacrifice during the Iron Age.


The Elling Woman is believed to be naturally mummified in the Bjeldskovdal bog field, West of Silkeborg in Denmark. Her preservation levels, unfortunately, is not very high. When discovered, her body was in separate parts. Her face has been poorly preserved that it is unidentifiable. Her upper body was wrapped in one sheepskin cape, while her legs and feet covered by another sheepskin cape. She also wore a woven belt around her waist. According to the Silkeborg Museum, the Elling Woman was hanged with a leather belt, which has left a V-shaped furrow that is clearly visible in her neck. The belt is characterized to have a sliding knot, which makes it more suitable for execution purposes.

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Additional InfoEdit

One of the Elling Woman's most distinctive feature is her hair style. It is a 90cm (35in) braid tied into an elaborated knot at the back of the head.

Also, the Elling Woman is often compared to the Tollund Man, who was later discovered about only 60m (200ft) away, twelve years after her discovery.

Picture on the right:

The Whole Body of The Elling Woman, By Silkeborg Musesum

External LinksEdit

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Pictures on the right, from top to down:

A Close Shot of Elling Woman's Hair


Reconstruction of Elling Woman's Hair Style and Cape

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