Egtved Girl
Human Mummy
1024px-Mummy with fur - The Danish National Museum
Biographical Information
Name(s) Egtved Girl
Age 20 Years
Sex Female
Status Unknown
Height 160cm
Culture Unknown
Date(s) 1390-1370BC
Site Unknown
Current Location
Location Egtved, Denmark
Catalog #


The Egtved Girl, Nordic Bronze Age female, was discovered in 1921 outside of Egtved, Denmark. Discovered with the cremated remains of a child who was approximately 5 years old. The Egtved Girl features a distinctive outfit which represents the style of the Bronze Age.


Preservation of the Egtved Girl can be attributed to the acidic bog conditions of the soil.



Pathology is unknown, but strontium analysis in her hair revealed that she was most likely a traveller.

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