Dyquain Rogers
Biographical Information
Name(s) Dyquain Rogers
Age 21
Sex Male
Status Deceased
Height Unknown
Culture African American
Date(s) 1993-2014
Site Attic of Grandmother
Current Location
Location Erie, Pennsylvania
Catalog #


Dyquain Rogers was a 21 year old man who had been missing for two years. Relatives had been searching for him since November 1, 2014, the last day they had seen him. Their search finally ended when Rogers' grandmother discovered his mummified body in her attic.


Rogers graduated from Central Career and Technical School in Erie in 2012. He volunteered regularly at the local fire department, Belle Valley Hose Co., in Millcreek Township. He also worked as an assistant manager at a local pizzeria.


Rogers' corpse was found in the attic of his grandmother. The attic provided an optimal setting for mummification. Since the attic was not vented, there was no air flow, and the process of mummification was promoted. Additionally, the lack of ventilation allowed rising hot air to accumulate in the attic, which in turn caused the body to dehydrate. Since the body was not discovered until two years after death, the mummification process had enough time to occur.


An autopsy was suggested; however, family members declined. The officials and family members agreed that Rogers had committed suicide.


No evidence of foul play was discovered at the scene. Both officials and family members agreed that Rogers' cause of death was suicide.

Additional InfoEdit

Officers involved in the initial search could not recall if the attic was investigated; however, Roger's mummy did not possess the same clothes he was wearing when he had disappeared. Police deduced that he came back to the house after he went missing.

No definitive time of death has been determined


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