Detmold Child



Age: Approximately 6500 years old, 3000 years before the birth of King Tut. It is possibly one of the oldest mummies ever found. Height of the mummy was not specified.

Mummification and Status:

CT scan revealed that the body of the infant had been covered by linen and buried with an amulet hung around its neck. The oldest preserved mummy was found with eyes closed, arms folded and legs hunched, a burial pose that was typical of the religion and culture. It had a small, flat and rectangular pendant strung around its neck that was believed to be made of bone.

It was given as a private donation to Witzenhausen Ethnological Museum and it was later given to the Lippisches Landes Museum in Detmold for professional conversation after it became infested with mould. Wilfred Rosedahl, the curator stated that the baby suffered from pneumonia and turricephaly which is known to cause elongation of the skull.

Culture: It was discovered in Peru.

Dates: It was dated from 4505-4457 BC with the use of radio carbon.

Location: Lippisches Land Museum in in Detmold in North Rhine West-phalia of Germany. It is on loan from the Lippisches Landes museum in Detmold, Germany.

Studies and Pathology: Based on a CT scan analysis of the mummy, scientists and heart specialist from the North Rhine Westphalia Heart and Diabetes Centre believe that the baby had hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HHLS). Based on a dental examination, they found out that the baby might have been 8-10 months of age at the time of death. HHLA is a very rare congenital condition of the heart and is a very rare heart condition that has 70% survival rate with modern treatment today.

They also found out that the baby had Vitamin D deficiency (also known as turricephaly) that was characteristic of its abnormally conical shaped skull. In addition to the heart abnormality, they also discovered a pulmonary infection due to tuberculosis or pneumonia that collectively was implicated to have contributed to death of the infant.

Case Report on Detmold Child: Title: Hypoplastic left heart in the 6500-year-old Detmold Child (Link Below in the reference List)

An interview with Mark Laplume on Elongated Skulls: Title: The Story Of Elongated Skulls And The Denied History Of Ancient People: An Interview With Mark Laplume (Link below in the reference list)

Additional Info: The Detmold child is on exhibition at the California Science Center in Los Angeles, California with several other mummies and other artifacts. This mummy was also a part of "The Mummies of World exhibition that took place in various US cities.


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