image =

name = Derp Von Shpoffen

age = Unknown

sex = M

height = 5'11

location = England


Derp Von Shpoffen is one of the most recognizable mummies of today. It was said that Derp Von Shpoffen was a very lazy man, who did nothing all day but sit around, eat and drink. Derp Von Shpoffen was loved by the town because he was known as the local drunk, and every night he continued to drink and drink.


It is unknown who mummified Derp Von Shpoffen although, it is said that he was murdered by a man after trying to kiss his wife. Derp Von Shpoffen was buried with nothing more than an empty bottle, which shows that it was not his loved ones who buried him.

Additional Info: Derp Von Shpoffen is now on display at the British Museum as one of their rarest mummies.

External Links:,_new_discoveries/eight_mummies.aspx?fromShortUrl

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